Cliff Morgan CVO OBE 1930-2013 Patron of Ventnor RFC

With much sadness we say goodbye to Cliff Morgan CVO OBE Patron of Ventnor RFC

Depending on one’s age, memories of him will range from his greatness as a rugby player to his prowess as a broadcaster, both on and off the screen. His distinctive voice and wonderful use of language made him a perfect radio companion.

His mixed with Royalty and number Prince Charles among his friends, as well as many from the world of sports and arts.

But throughout his life and career, he remained a modest man and true to his beliefs.

We met him first in 1979, when he agreed to be the guest speaker at our dinner dance. It goes without saying that his audience was held spell bound, but it was over all too quickly. He did not charge a penny!

However, it was to be the beginning of a relationship which has lasted to this day, when he agreed to be our patron. Cliff enjoyed being updated on the progress of the club and maintained a keen interest in all aspects.

He always remained in touch from his London home and imagine our elation when he decided to retire to the Isle of Wight some years ago.

Sadly it coincided with the rapid demise of his health and the loss of his glorious speaking voice. Consequently, he was only able to make a few memorable visits to the club house.

So the next time you buy a drink at the bar, raise your glass to the man in the photograph embarking on yet another glorious run. Note that he is carrying the ball in two hands and looking for support!

Our thoughts are with his widow Patricia and his son and daughter.