RWC Tickets

Rugby World Cup 2015 Tickets

Ventnor Rugby Club have a terrific opportunity to purchase RWC Tickets!

The club have been allocated 4 tickets per game for the 10 Twickenham matches including the World Cup Final, plus 4 tickets per game for the 38 games being played at other stadiums.

ALL clubs members can apply for the opportunity of any of these tickets, but you have to be paying members of the club to be considered

The process

If you wish to apply for any tickets please do the following:

1. Look at the schedule for the Twickenham games

2. Identify which Twickenham games you wish to attend & how many tickets you require (up to 4)

3. If you are interested in the “non Twickenham” games, you still have to register as below but the allocation & decision comes into you once you have been allocated

4. Email Bob Engelghardt on

5. In the email you need to say

· Your full name

· Email address

· Which Twickenham game / games

· How many tickets

6. Bob must have your ticket request by Midnight 23/04/14

7. Once all emails are in the RWC Ticket allocation committee with compile the requests & then allocate the tickets in a fair & transparent way.

8. Once this process is complete Bob will send you an email saying what games you have been successful with & how many tickets you have been allocated

9. If you no longer want the game or tickets for any game you MUST reply to Bob before 1 May 2014.

10. The Committee’s decision on allocation is final

Pool A: England, Aus, Wales, Oceania 1

Pool B: South Africa, Samoa, Asia 1, Americas 2