VRFC Photographs

As some of you will already know we now have a new official Ventnor RFC Facebook page. Having worked on the website and Twitter etc for the last year or so it has become increasingly evident over the last few days that it is a lot easier to add photos to Facebook than it is to the website. As a result I will be looking to add the majority of photos to Facebook.

I appreciate that not everyone has a Facebook account so you may want to consider getting one if you want to look at them. I currently have a reasonable library to add to the page dating back to black and white times, when people where younger, fitter and healthier! If you have any photos from times gone by, last season or even take any over the coming months please please please pass them on to me. I will be more than happy to post them on behalf of the club. The ones that have been posted already have been received really well and I have many more to put on. I can even arranged for them to be scanned and return the originals to you unharmed.

If you happen to have one, two or even a hundred then please get in touch. Unfortunately email addresses posted on websites cause all kinds of problems (ask Roger Evans!!) so please speak to one of the more senior club members (this includes Babz, Nigel and Bob!!) who will be more than happy to put you in contact with me.

The Facebook page can be found here www.facebook.com/ventnorrfc and if you have trouble setting up an account to view the pictures then I suggest you ask a teenager to help!

Thanks and Happy 40th VRFC