Player Profile: James Morley

Player Profile: James Morley. More commonly known as Molsey, loves the colour pink and if he still had hair it would most definitely be ginger!


Age: 27 (really??)
Position: Second Row
Time at Club: 6 or 7 years (nice of you to remember!)


Why do you play rugby?
I love everything about it! The banter, the team spirit and with out doubt shower time (dodgy!)

Who do you like playing with most and why?
James Pemberton and Todd Riches. I know they are always going to have my back in a game.

Best moment in rugby?
Coming off bench and scoring winning try against Wootton. Best rugby day ever!


Worse moment in rugby?
Getting a neck injury, the ambulance getting stuck on the pitch so the game got called off. Came out of hospital a few hours later with just a stiff neck. Awkward…….

And finally………………..

If you were a girl what would you want your name to be?