You will be pleased to know the Club has reached the final session of the Accreditation process with the RFU. This will be a `Club Development Evening`, where the RFU rep leads a `discussion` between Club members of all sorts, including VP`s and elder statesmen as well as players, on the way forward for the Club.

At the end of the day Accreditation opens up the way to RFU grants and general assistance for a Club so it is important for us looking ahead.

The RFU Regional Officer will come to the Club on the evening of 2nd December to run the show. It is clearly important that we go down this road so can I ask for your support please on the night.

About 2 hours from 6.30 onwards.

Prior to the meeting the RFU have asked that all members of VRFC complete a short on-line survey so that they have some information to work on. The survey takes about 5 minutes and needs to be completed by Friday 28 November 2014

RFU Survey