Ventnor 2nd XV 64-19 Fawley 2nd XV


Finally a side traveled to Ventnors 2nd XV. Fawley only had 12 and as the rule states we either have to lend them players or we play with 12 as well to make it fair.

Ventnor had the wind in their sails from the start with and early try from Jacobus and the game carried on in that fashion. Fawley had no answer to Ventnor’s hard hitting and off loading style of play. Man of the match Sam Pickard was everywhere stealing ball at the breakdown and running through tackles to score 3 try’s in the game.

Fawley didn’t sit back and when they did get quick ball they used it well and scored 3 try’s themselves, but this wasn’t enough as Ventnor were clinical scoring a total of 10 try’s 7 of which were converted by Warren Richies.

Sad news Ventnor lost their prop Tristain Price to a nasty head wound and Sam Beckley to a leg injury. This still didn’t stop Ventnor from playing their game. Try scorers were Lush 2, Pickard 3, Jacobus 1, Riches 1, Edwards 1, Cripps 1 and Ward 1.

Would like to say a big thank you Fawley for traveling over to play us even with only 12 players.

Squad Price, Gough, Pratt, Pickard, Beckley, Saville, Jacobus, Cripps, Lush, Dobas, Ward, Richies, Adkins, Edwards, Chillton, Burton and Dovale.

AJ Wells Man of the match Sam Pickard

Ventnor Haven Fishery Cod eye of the day Adam Pratt