Message from Nolan Winter Chairman Ventnor RFC


I would like to personally thank everyone for their efforts in trying to ensure that the game against Alresford was played today. The pitch was inspected early this morning by the groundsmen and deemed playable. However, between then and midday when the players began to arrive it was clear the pitch had deteriorated after another down poor. Despite a call to arms and a considerable effort by the players to clear the surface water the game was reluctantly cancelled.

I would like to apologise to both Alresford RFC and the referee for the frustrations this will have caused. We appreciate the efforts and sacrifices that are made, especially at this level of rugby. Obviously this issue is made worse given the travel time and costs to the Isle of Wight.

I would like to ensure you that all decisions were made in good faith and that every effort was made to ensure the game could be played.

We look forward to when the fixture can be played and as some consolation would like Alresford to know that the first round of drinks is on us.

Thank you,

Nolan Winter
Chairman Ventnor RFC