Match report: Ventnor RFC 1XV HWO Winchester RFC 2XV, 5 January 2019


Ventnor RFC 1XV HWO Winchester RFC 2XV

After having their away game against Winchester 2XV reversed to become a home game, Ventnor were then informed very late Thursday night that their opponents would not be showing up for the match. This is the second time Ventnor have had this happen to them this season.

Following their decision not to show, the Winchester side have been kicked out the league and will not take part in any fixtures for the remainder ofthe season. All league points won against them will be taken away from the other teams.

Ventnor RFC Chairman Ed Blake had this to say: “First of all, I’m glad Winchester have been kicked out the league by Hampshire RFU. They were making a mockery of a very good league that is Hampshire 1. All the time they were playing a 3XV in Hampshire 2, at the expense of their 2XV in a higher league. This should not be happening. g.

Our grievance is the length of time Hampshire have taken to act as this is the 9th fixture Winchester have not shown for. Also the way that all points, however win, have been taken away from teams, meaning we now lose 10 league points. Not only have we lost points but we have lost momentum. We now face only having 1 league game between now and the big local derby with Isle of Wight on the 9th February.”

Club Captain Jake Babington said: “I want to take the opportunity to thank the players for preparing themselves well for the fixture for then it to be cancelled. We now look forward to welcoming Ellingham and Ringwood to Watcombe on Saturday 12th Jan. They are joint top of the league with only 1 loss so will be tough opponents but one we believe we can upset”.

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