Cameron Griggs

Time at the VRFC?
Since December 2018

What position/s you play/ed for VRFC?
Second Row/Flanker/8

Why do you play rugby?
It’s the best thing on a Saturday after a long week! You play with your mates! Have a laugh and then socialise afterwards! It’s what makes rugby!

Who do you love/did you love playing with?
My Brother in laws! We used to click so well on the pitch and knew exactly what the other person was going to do!

Most memorable moment and why?
Scoring tries on my debuts for Ventnor! Most I’ve ever scored in my rugby career so to do that for the 2’s and the 1’s built my confidence up.

Who’s been the biggest influence on you?
George! He’s been there with me since I started and has trained me up to the player I am now! He was always at my youth games and my adult games when he wasn’t playing!

Who’d you like to be stuck in traffic with?
Got to be AP! It’ll be carpool karaoke all over again! Just makes it more enjoyable’”!

What’s your most embarrassing moment?
Putting the ball down in the 5 metre line and celebrating thinking I’ve scored a try! Got a lot of stick after that!

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen or heard on the pitch?
Playing another side back in Essex and they’re 10 was built strong! But he had the voice of a 4 year old girl! We couldn’t contain ourselves but to laugh.

Least memorable moment and why?
Back in youth rugby! Took the ball in and that’s all I remember! Knocked out before I hit the ground and paralysed for 10 days! Not the best moment!

What’s your guilty pleasure?
I am partial to a bit of Bill Withers and Vengaboys! Do like a good sing song!

Do you have any hidden talents?
I can turn my eyelids inside out that’s about it really.

What do you do away from rugby?
Work as a transport planner during the week and then catching up on sleep on a sunday!

What would you like to achieve outside of rugby?
I’d like to tone up a bit and become faster and maybe try outside centre a bit!

What are your goals in rugby?
Be the best player that I can! Like to work my way up the ranks and make myself known on the pitch

Why you play/ed for Ventnor RFC?
I’d seen the club advertised at the Red Jet when I moved over onto the island! Sent an email in asking about it and a week later I was playing in the memorial cup for the club and stayed with them ever since!