Grant Richardson

Grant Richardson – Ventnor RFC player

Team Nickname/s
Bulldozer, Mike Brown, speedy

The year joined Ventnor RFC and started playing

What’s the primary position you play at Ventnor RFC??
Prop 2nd row flanker

Other positions you play?

Your favourite professional rugby player
Mike Brown

Your favourite UK rugby club?
Harlequins RFC

Your favourite international rugby team?

Why do you play rugby?
Running and smashing into people.

Most enjoyable part of playing rugby?
Scoring a try on my debut and skippering the 2nds

Least enjoyable part of playing rugby?
Come on as a sub against Peterfields score a try within 5 mins then sub off

Who do you love playing rugby with at Ventnor RFC?
Ventnor is the place to be playing rugby

Most memorable Ventnor RFC moment on the pitch and why?
James Blake playing number 8 because he didn’t have a clue

Most memorable club moment off the pitch and why?
Receiving the second team players award because I did such a good job as skipper

What’s your most embarrassing moment in rugby?
Getting knock out by Rosco after winning a ruck

Least memorable moment at the club (on or off the pitch) and why?
Not playing for 4 years

Who’s been the biggest influence on you playing rugby?
Adam Pratt
Dean Magnurson
Todd Riches

Who at the club would you most like to be stuck in traffic with and why?
Tommy as you never know what’s going to happen

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen or heard on the pitch?
Tommy give donkey scrap

What’s your favourite drink?

What’s your favourite film?
Trinity is Still My Name

What’s your favourite song?
Gashi Roses

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Do you have any hidden talents, if so what?
I can run fast for a fat guy

What do you like to do away from rugby in your spare time?

What would you like to achieve outside of rugby?
Not sure

Why you play/ed for Ventnor RFC?
I got roped into it as loved it

Other clubs you have played for?
Isle of Wight RFC, Ryde RFC, Bognor RFC

What is your proudest achievement to-date at Ventnor RFC (on or off the field)
2015 skippering

What are your goals you want to achieve in rugby at Ventnor RFC?
Play abit more

Any other sports you play?
Most sports

Role/s currently held at Ventnor RFC:

Role/s previously held at Ventnor RFC. (incl year from/to:
Ventnor 2nd team skipper

Grant Richardson Ventnor RFC player
Grant Richardson Ventnor RFC player