James Blake

James Blake

Current position: Club Groundsman

Team Nickname/s
Donkey, sausage fingers

The year joined Ventnor RFC and started playing

What’s the primary position you play at Ventnor RFC??
Second row

Other positions you play?
Super sub, once 8… Never allowed again

Your favourite professional rugby player
Dean Magnurson

Your favourite UK rugby club?
Wootton aka Isle of Wight RFC

Your favourite international rugby team?
Wootton aka Isle of Wight RFC

Why do you play rugby?
I hardly do, I come along sit on the bench, go on for 5 and get carded.

Least enjoyable part of playing rugby?
I don’t really find anything not enjoyable about it.

Who do you love playing rugby with at Ventnor RFC?
Deano and his dad Charlie… (The entire 2nd team)

Most memorable Ventnor RFC moment on the pitch and why?
There are so many, recently has to be my fist slap that awarded me a red card and a two week ban, however was reduced to one week due to the weakness of the ‘punch’, and coming up from the floor saying sorry.

What’s your most embarrassing moment in rugby?
Scoring my first and only try at the middle school pitch and putting the ball down on the 22 🤦

Who’s been the biggest influence on you playing rugby?
The whole club really.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen or heard on the pitch?
I honestly can’t answer this one. Every game has many.

What’s your favourite drink?
Guinness (draft)

What’s your favourite film?

What’s your favourite song?
Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby

Do you have any hidden talents, if so what?
Playing 8 (shh)

What do you like to do away from rugby in your spare time?
I didn’t know I got spare time away from the club.

What would you like to achieve outside of rugby?
I have 4 pitches that illd like to be able to mow in my sleep.

Why you play/ed for Ventnor RFC?
Best team and club on the island. Potentially northern hemisphere.

Other clubs you have played for?
Most teams that come to us short of players.

What is your proudest achievement to-date at Ventnor RFC (on or off the field)
Creator of the infamous VRFC slip n slide…

What are your goals you want to achieve in rugby at Ventnor RFC?
Ensure a brilliant future for our club and it’s facilities.

Any other sports you play?

Role/s currently held at Ventnor RFC:
Groundsman and chairman of the slip n slide committee.

Role/s previously held at Ventnor RFC. (incl year from/to:
Only ever been a player

James Blake Ventnor RFC player profile
James Blake Ventnor RFC player profile