Mario Testa

Mario Testa – retired player

Team Nickname/s

The year joined Ventnor RFC and started playing

What’s the primary position you played at Ventnor RFC?
Second Row

Other positions you played at Ventnor RFC?
Back Row

Your favourite professional rugby player
Joe Marler

Your favourite UK rugby club?
Northampton Saints RFC

Your favourite international rugby team?

Why did you play rugby?
Best team sport out there. Fifteen brothers in a battle for 80 minutes from all walks of life. What mattered was the shirt, the team and the club, not who you were or where you came from.

Most enjoyable part of playing rugby?
There is no where to hide so you have to give 100% always.

Least enjoyable part of playing rugby?
February evening training sessions.

Who did you love/did you love playing rugby with at Ventnor RFC?
By far the best and friendliest rugby club I have played for. Being part of the Fat Boy club. Very special.

Most memorable club moment on the pitch and why?
Bollene Tour 1997 (at Bollene Rugby Club France) because it was just brilliant every day.

Least memorable moment at the club (on or off the pitch) and why?
Having to leave when I first joined the RAF.

What’s your most embarrassing moment in rugby?
Having to leave the field after separating my rib cage after 2 minutes in an East v West Vets game and not knowing how it happened.

Who’s been the biggest influence on you playing rugby?
Gus Baker, Trevor Wray at Sandown High School, Dave Ball obviously.

Mr Mullvahill and Mr O’Malley at ABK.

Larry Laidler and Graham Thomas at the Hurries (Sandown and Shanklin RFC).

Who at the club would you most like to be stuck in traffic with and why?
Paul Berry because he is a bloody top lad.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen or heard on the pitch?
Too many to mention really. Me trying to play Scrum Half was always entertaining.

What’s your favourite drink?

What’s your favourite film?

What’s your favourite song?
Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Peanut M&Ms

What do you like to do away from rugby in your spare time??
Lift weights

Do you have any hidden talents, if so what?
It’s hidden

What is your proudest achievement representing Ventnor RFC on or off the field?
Charity Wasps game.

Why you play/ed for Ventnor RFC?
Initially encouraged to join by Keith Fradgley and Tony Flower.

Other clubs you have played for?

Hurricanes – Sandown and Shanklin RFC

Sleaford RFC
Chippenham RFC
RAF Lyneham
RMB Chivenor
University of Northampton
Flying Kukris Brunei

Any other sports you play.played?

Mario Testa Ventnor RFC player
Mario Testa Ventnor RFC player