Safeguarding Policy


Chairman: Ed Blake, Secretary: James Morton, Safeguarding Officer: Andy Teague


Ventnor Rugby Football Club are strongly committed to the protection and welfare of the children and vulnerable persons in its care. All have the right to be protected and treated fairly. The club will continue to assess our Safeguarding Policy to ensure that care is being given and that the policy covers the needs of the children and vulnerable persons. Any divergence from our policy by any member or associate of the club will not be tolerated. Furthermore, any child or vulnerable person whom we suspect is being mistreated outside of the club will be entitled to our protection.

Our Safeguarding Policy is aimed at all those actively involved in the club or associated with the club. Every person involved with the club has a responsibility for both ensuring the safety and wellbeing of any child or vulnerable person and for reporting any concerns they may have of possible cases of abuse to the people named above. They will be treated seriously and reported to the relevant agencies.

Ventnor Rugby Football Club confirms that its policy is to adhere to the Rugby Football Union’s Safeguarding Policy.

The club will continue to publicise and implement the RFU Codes of Conduct for coaches, players, spectators and officials together with our Safeguarding Policy in the clubhouse and on the website.

Safeguarding Policy

VRFC coaches, captains, mentors and first aiders will be DBS checked along with any committee members deemed necessary.

All will need to complete the RFU online SAFEGUARDING E LEARNING MODULE.

All details of coaches and volunteers will be kept on record.

VRFC insists that at least one member of each team is to have attended the RFU PLAY IT SAFE Course. However it would prefer that all coaches, mentors and first aiders attend as best practice.

All coaches and volunteers should comply with the SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY.

All coaches and volunteers should comply with the PHOTOGRAPHIC POLICY.

VRFC seeks to ensure that its coaches and first aiders receive the support and training appropriate to their position and role.

VRFC will manage the changing facilities and will provide separate changing facilities if requested by any under 18-year-old playing senior rugby.

Accurate records will be properly maintained for each child and vulnerable person and will be kept completely confidential by all who have access to it.

Any tours undertaken by VRFC will comply with this policy and the RFU Guidance on Tours.

Any 17-year-old who wishes to play adult rugby will be assessed and the appropriate forms filled in by the relevant people following out of age grade guidelines.

VRFC expects all of its coaches and players to comply with the relevant RFU guidance, in particular the following are NOT acceptable but is not limited toWorking alone with a child, children and vulnerable persons

  • Consuming alcohol whilst responsible for children or vulnerable persons
  • Providing alcohol to children or allowing its supply
  • Smoking in the presence of children
  • Humiliating children or vulnerable persons
  • Physical contact with a child or vulnerable person outside the scope permitted
  • Having an intimate or sexual relationship with any child or vulnerable person
  • Making sexually explicit comments to or sharing sexually explicit material with children
  • Bullying by either adult or child. VRFC will follow the RFU Safeguarding Policy on anti-bullying

The above will be treated seriously by the club and may result in disciplinary and other action being taken by the club, the CB or the RFU.

Ventnor Rugby Club

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Last updated: 15 February 2022