Tobacco Alcohol and Drug Policy

Watcombe Bottom Sports Centre Tobacco Alcohol and Drug Policy

Watcombe Bottom Sports Centre (WBSC) includes Ventnor Rugby Football Club, Ventnor Football Club and Rew Valley Youth Football Club. WBSC is committed as part of their overall philosophy to ‘discourage the use of drugs and tobacco and the misuse of alcohol on the basis that such activity is incompatible with a healthy approach to sporting activity’.

WBSC believe that we need to work towards creating a safe, healthy club environment where we can develop the skills and attitudes necessary to cope with drug and alcohol-related issues.

All club members, officials, coaches and volunteers as part of WBSC shall follow the law when it comes to illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco and shall display leadership and good example, particularly when dealing with underage members.
This policy shall also apply to all users of WBSC buildings and grounds.

1 Definition of Drugs For the purpose of this policy the term “drug” shall include all mood-altering substances, both legal and illegal and involve substances such as:

  • Alcohol and Tobacco. “Over-the-counter” medicines that may be misused such as those containing codeine (e.g. Solpadeine), cough medicines, antihistamines, laxatives, and paracetamol.
  • Volatile substances such as aerosols, glues, petrol, cigarette lighter fuels etc.
  • Products and substances sold online and in “headshops” that cause intoxication.
  • Controlled drugs such as cannabis, ecstasy, amphetamines, magic mushrooms, cocaine, etc.
  • Performance-enhancing sports related drugs as outlined by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

2 Aims and Objectives The aim of this policy is to ensure that all club members are kept safe from drug-related harm when involved in club activities. Our objectives are:

To promote the health and wellbeing of all WBSC club members.
To develop a consistent approach to drug-related issues to be adopted by all WBSC club members.
To develop procedures and protocols that address drug-related issues in WBSC clubs.
To establish clear procedures for managing specific incidents of suspected drug misuse.

3 List of Actions The Chairperson and Executive of each club shall adopt and discharge actions from following list in line with available resources and supports. WBSC shall take the following actions:

Adhere to the policy of no direct sponsorship of juvenile (U18) teams or their gear to take place by alcohol companies, public houses, or off license premises.
Club members, officials, coaches and volunteers shall not present themselves at WBSC club-based activities while under the influence of alcohol or any other drug whilst outside the environs of the club.
Coaches and Club Officials shall not smoke or drink alcohol while representing WBSC at matches or training sessions outside the environs of the club.
Alcohol shall not be served at functions specifically for players aged under 18 years of age. Every effort will be made to ensure juvenile medal ceremonies and other juvenile events are not held in public houses.
Cigarettes shall not be sold in the clubhouse.
Alcohol is to be discouraged in changing rooms.
No Smoking in any indoor area

All persons associated with WBSC can help prevent drug-related harm from occurring during club activities.

4 Recommended roles within club

WBSC Club Members will be aware of the details of and adhere to WBSC Drug and Alcohol Policy
Parents and Guardians will support the WBSC clubs in the development and implementation of this policy including procedures for handling incidents of suspected drug misuse.
Coaches will be aware of the possibility of drug misuse among players and work with the Safeguarding, Health & Wellbeing Club Officers, Club Chairpersons and Executives with the aim of preventing harm.

The WBSC Club Health & Safety Officers are responsible for overseeing the development, implementation and evaluation of this policy in conjunction with the Club Chairperson and Executive.
Shall have good knowledge of the local drug, alcohol and health promotion services in order to assist the club in organising prevention, education and response activities as such needs arise.

WBSC Club Chairpersons and Executive:
All relevant information, paraphernalia or suspected substances found or received shall be forwarded to the Club Chairperson who shall consult with the necessary parties before taking relevant action based upon this policy. In the event of the Chairperson not being available to discharge these duties this responsibility will then automatically fall to the Vice Chairperson or Secretary.

5 Education programme about drugs and alcohol

The Club Health & Wellbeing Officer/Safeguarding Officer in conjunction with the Club Chairperson and Executive shall make arrangements with local drug, alcohol or health promotion services to provide drug education annually for interested adults associated with the club.

The Club Health & Wellbeing Officer/Safeguarding Officer in conjunction with the Club Chairperson and Executive shall make arrangements with local drug, alcohol or health promotion services to provide age-appropriate drug education annually for young people associated with the club.

6 Protocol for dealing with drug misuse

WBSC clubs shall endeavour to respond to all drug-related incidents in a firm but fair manner, with due respect for the safety and welfare of individuals involved, other members of the club and the wider community and shall also fulfil any legal obligations that might apply. The misuse or illegal supply of drugs is viewed as unacceptable by all WBSC clubs and may be dealt with by way of warnings, suspensions and expulsions as deemed appropriate by decision of the Club Executive on a case-by-case basis. It is also unacceptable for WBSC club members or officials to present themselves for club duties while under the influence of a drug. (Suspension, if issued, will mean that the member involved cannot represent the club in any way during their term of suspension.)

In a case where a club member has been charged with the illegal supply of drugs, the Executive will ask this individual to stand aside from club activities until the matter has been dealt with in the court of law, notwithstanding the individual’s right of a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

7 Appeal and Review process

A member so suspended will have the right of appeal to the appropriate body where a member of the club executive and the suspended member will have the right to be heard. Normal Standing orders will apply to such a meeting.

8 Reporting of Incidents

Alleged or confirmed incidents in breach of this policy shall be referred to the Club Chairperson and Safety Officer. Matters relating to the supply of drugs MUST also be brought to the attention of the Safety Officer and the Community & Health Manager of the appropriate body who can give guidance on the appropriate response on a case-by-case basis.

Recording of Information
Information regarding alleged or confirmed incidents in breach of this policy shall be recorded in writing. The recording of factual information only is preferable and all opinions shall be stated as such. Responses to cases shall also be recorded in this way. Only in confirmed cases shall names of individuals be recorded.

While it is not possible to guarantee, every effort shall be made to respect confidentiality.

Involving Parents/Guardians
Incidents involving any person under 18 years of age will require their parents/guardians to be informed. Parents/guardians shall be invited to discuss what has happened and shall be informed of any course of action to be taken by the club. The Club Chairperson shall nominate a person to inform parents/guardians in each case.

Police Involvement
Incidents that involve the illegal supply of drugs shall require police involvement. In all other drug-related incidents, each case shall be considered on an individual basis and the decision shall rest with the Club Chairperson as to whether or not the police are involved.

9 Search

The Club Chairperson retains the right to direct a search of any part of club property if there is reasonable cause to believe a substance in breach of this policy is contained therein. Two officials of the club shall conduct the search. Club Officials are not allowed to search an individual or their personal property. Where there is reasonable cause to believe a person has in their possession a substance in breach of this policy, they shall be asked to volunteer the substance. If they refuse, the police may be called in to conduct a search.

10 Disposing of suspected illegal substances

If a suspected illegal substance is found on club property it should be brought to the attention of the Club Chairperson. The substance shall be stored securely and the Chairperson shall contact the police to have it collected or to inform them who from the club will deliver it to them and when. Any movement of suspected illegal substances shall be recorded and witnessed by two club officials. At no time shall a suspected illegal substance be removed from club property without the knowledge of the police

11 Availability, use and storage of solvents and gases

Many solvent-based products have the potential to be abused (e.g. deodorants, paints, thinners, cleaning fluids etc). All solvent based materials and gases shall be stored securely and safely away from public access.

12 Monitoring and Evaluation

This policy shall be evaluated annually and after every drug-related incident.

This policy shall come into effect on 29th November 2021 and shall be reviewed annually thereafter by the WBSC Clubs’ Safety Officers in conjunction with the Clubs’ Chairpersons and Executive.

Last update: 29 November 2021

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